Business Services

GoodwillEmployment Assistance

Let us help you meet your employment needs. We supply you with pre-screened, dedicated, reliable employees who want to work.

Goodwill can help you find:
Retail Associates
Courtesy Clerks
Food Services Workers
Stockroom Attendants
Porters/Maintenance Workers
Clerical Workers
Assembly workers
Landscape Services Workers
Janitorial Services Workers

Job Placement Services (via LRS referral)


An employer hires an individual or group of individuals who have been pre-screened. Job coaching and follow-up services are provided by Goodwill.


A job coach or employment specialist provides on-site job training and support to assist an individual in learning the skills necessary to perform a specified job.


This is a trial period, typically lasting from one to two weeks, prior to employment. It allows prospective employees to test their job skills and helps determine if a particular job or career matches their interests. Frequently following a successful assessment, the individual is hired as a permanent employee.


Goodwill offers outsource resources to businesses looking to reduce production costs and maximize efficiency. Our skilled staff performs business tasks including packaging, assembly, mailing, collating, custodial work, and more.