Title Custodian-Level 2
Location New Orleans Area
Job Information



To perform assigned cleaning duties in all offices and restrooms, including but not limited to:  dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, sweeping, mopping.  To clean hard floors and carpets as assigned.  To accept any job task as assigned by the supervisor, asst. supervisor or lead worker.

Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning

  1. To measure spot cleaning solution and water in mop bucket, soak and wring out yarn bonnet and proceed to spot carpet, making sure to turn pad as needed
  2. To use rotary machine to spot clean carpets by bonnet method.
  3. To shampoo carpet with self-contained extractor, carefully measuring chemicals and water to correct proportions.
  4. To dust mop and damp mop with neutral cleaner; use high speed machine to buff floors; use dust mop to remove powder created by buffing.

Office Cleaning

  1. To dust all available horizontal surfaces, being careful not to disturb papers or open desk drawers.
  2. To remove all trash and replace receptacle liners. To bring trash to the designated disposal area.
  3. To vacuum all carpet areas, extending cleaner under desks, along walls and moving items easily moved.
  4. To clean chalkboards, erasers and other classroom supplies.

Restroom Cleaning

  1. To service all paper dispensers to capacity.
  2. To remove all trash and replace receptacle liners. To bring trash to the designated disposal area.
  3. To swab toilet bowls, making sure to clean under the rims. To damp wipe toilet seats, lids and sides of bowl.  To leave lid in raised position.
  4. To clean all mirrors with glass cleaner. To dust above the mirrors and around air vents.  To wipe down pipes under the sinks and polish all stainless steel fixtures.
  5. To clean shower stalls daily.
  6. To wipe down bathroom walls, doorsills and partitions with disinfectant cleaner.
  7. To broom sweep and damp mop using disinfectant cleaner.

Garage Maintenance

  1. To spot clean oil and grease spillage using absorbent that requires crushing with foot.
  2. To police assigned area for debris, (inc. but not limited to: paper, cigarette butts, dirt and other trash), using a broom and dust pan.
  3. To empty all trashcans and replace liners as needed.
  4. To clean ashtrays by removing ashes, butts, nicotine build-up and tar stains.

Outside Maintenance

  1. To police the designated area and remove trash, (inc. but not limited to: cigarette butts, boxes, and other foreign debris), using a broom and dustpan.
  2. To service the push sweeper before use. (Check oil level before starting.)
  3. To machine sweep using the push sweeper.


  1. To report to work when scheduled for periodic work.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Must be able to interact cordially and productively with a variety of people.
  2. Must be able to market Goodwill and explain the mission to the general public.
  3. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with, and among, contract personnel.
  4. Must be able to read and communicate clearly in English.
  5. Must be able to work a flexible schedule on short notice, including nights and weekends, and occasionally, long or extended hours.
  6. Must use personal protective equipment as instructed.
  7. Must be able to lift and carry objects up to 10 #s frequently and 20 #s occasionally.
  8. Must have vision corrected to within normal limits.
  9. Must be able to engage in prolonged standing, walking and in frequent bending, stooping, and stretching and climbing stairs.
  10. Must be able to function in a hectic work environment with occasional periods of high stress.


Training or experience in the custodial field required.  Must wear company issued uniform.

The ability to a pass drug screen and home land security background screenings are required.

Working Conditions:

Frequent physical exertion, exposure to cleaning chemicals and potentially infectious materials, some duties will require working in inclement weather conditions.

Marginal Duties:

Other work-related duties as assigned.


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