Title Facilities Maintenance Specialist
Location Corporate Office
Job Information

Essential Functions:


To perform assigned cleaning duties in all buildings, including but not limited to sweeping and mopping.  To clean hard floors as assigned.  To accept any job task as assigned by the supervisor. To maintain all lawn equipment in proper working order through preventative maintenance and repair.

Lawn Care:

  1. To provide preventative maintenance on all lawn care equipment per a schedule developed by the mechanic and the Director. To sharpen blades on all tractors as needed.
  2. To repair lawn equipment when broken, damaged or otherwise placed out of service. To provide a written report on the reason for the breakage, damage or need for equipment to be placed out of service.
  3. To request the purchase of and maintain a stock of parts used on a regular basis. To inventory parts on hand and place orders for replacements per a schedule developed by the mechanic and the Director.
  4. To inspect all cutting areas which are not meeting quality standards and determine why the cuts are substandard. To suggest remedies for such situations and implement said remedies with the approval of the Director.
  5. To ensure that all equipment is in good repair and meets all safety standards.
  6. To prepare fuel as directed for contract equipment, mixing 1 pt. 2 cycle oil to 1 gallon of unleaded gasoline. To fill fuel tanks of weed eaters, edger’s and any other equipment needed at the contract site.
  7. To operate weed eaters according to site standards, (beginning at the curb side and working inward). To weed eat around poles, concrete pillars, flower beds, shrubbery, buildings, and any other location deemed necessary.
  8. To edge along walks, entrances, and streets.
  9. To use blower to remove debris.
  10. To remove weeds from flower beds and to perform trimming and pruning as needed.
  11. To plant vegetation on a periodic basis.
  12. To clean ditches to ensure proper drainage as directed.
  13. To remove trash and other extraneous debris and dispose of properly.
  14. To operate other lawn equipment as needed and directed by site supervisor and project manager.

Restroom Cleaning:

  1. To service all paper dispensers to capacity.
  1. To remove all trash and replace receptacle liners. To bring trash to the designated disposal area.
  2. To swab toilet bowls, making sure to clean under the rims. To damp wipe toilet seats, lids, and sides of bowl.  To leave lid in raised position.
  3. To clean all mirrors with glass cleaner. To dust above the mirrors and around air vents. To wipe down pipes under the sinks and polish all stainless-steel fixtures.
  4. To clean shower stalls daily.
  5. To wipe down bathroom walls, doorsills, and partitions with disinfectant cleaner.
  6. To broom sweep and damp mop using disinfectant cleaner.

Hard Floor Cleaning:

  1. To dust mop and damp mop with neutral cleaner; use high speed machine to buff floors; use dust mop to remove powder created by buffing.
  2. Strip and wax floor in accordance with contract.


  1. To report to work when scheduled for periodic work.
  2. Perform all duties as required per contract/Goodwill management.
  3. Perform additional duties as assigned.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Must be able to interact cordially and productively with a variety of people.
  2. Must be able to market Goodwill and explain the mission to the general public.
  3. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with, and among, contract personnel.
  4. Must be able to read and communicate clearly in English.
  5. Must be able to work a flexible schedule on short notice, including nights and weekends, and occasionally, long, or extended hours.
  6. Must use personal protective equipment as instructed.
  7. Must have vision corrected to within normal limits.
  8. Must be able to engage in prolonged standing, walking and in frequent bending, stooping, and stretching and climbing stairs.
  9. Must be able to function in a hectic work environment with occasional periods of high stress.


  1. Training or experience in the custodial field required.
  2. Must wear company issued uniform.
  3. Must be able to pass background check and drug screening.
  4. Must have a valid drivers license.


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