Title Operations Database Specialist
Job Information

Essential Functions:

To provide direct support for multiple workforce development programs. Direct support will be provided in the form of data entry, participant interviews and satisfaction surveys, participant follow-ups, data analytics, and providing statistical data. Ensures that participant and programmatic records are in compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, and legal requirements.


This job requires substantial computer skills, and excellent oral and written communication skills. The Operations Database Specialist is responsible maintaining electronic participant records and conducting intakes and assessments.

  1. Prepare, compile and sort documents for data entry.
  2. Compute and analyze program specific data using multiple database platforms hosted by Goodwill, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and external foundations.
  3. Check source data to verify completeness and accuracy and resolutions to all database functions.
  4. Coordinate with Goodwill and/or subcontracted staff to obtain additional information for incomplete electronic records.
  5. Enter data from source documents into prescribed computer databases, files, and forms.
  6. Send satisfaction surveys to participants, partner agencies, and employers and compile survey results.
  7. Maintain historical reports and records for future funding projects.
  8. Compile reports, charts, or graphs that describe and interpret findings of analyses to federal government and private foundations.
  9. Participate in the publication of data or information.
  10. File data and related information and maintain and update databases.
  11. Create and organize database information, such as survey forms and reports, for distribution or analysis.
  12. Compile statistics from source materials, such as quality-control or test records or survey sheets.
  13. Compile, track, and report participant demographics, socioeconomic, ethnicity, etc. data for grant reporting purposes.
  14. Interview, intake and assess incoming participants to determine their needs/goals and facilitate warm handoffs upon enrollment into Workforce Services programming.
  15. Respond to request for information and access relevant files.
  16. Provide Vice President of Mission Services and Workforce Development Directors with pertinent information gathered during database analysis to make informed programmatic decisions about all workforce development programs.
  17. Serve as a system lead for appropriate Data Management System.
  18. Audit data and perform data cleansing analysis to detect, remove and correct corrupt, inaccurate records
  19. Assist Program Managers with monthly program reports by providing data to funding agencies.
  20. Develop various perceptive metrics for program management to review progress.
  21. Comply with data integrity and security policies.
  22. Keep the Vice President of Mission Services and Director of Workforce Services informed of unusual and/or crisis situations as they arise.
  23. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to organize, work effectively, conceptualize and prioritize objectives and exercise independent judgment based on an understanding of organizational policies and activities.
  2. Ability to maintain good working relationships with staff, volunteers, clients, and others.
  3. Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
  4. Demonstrated ability working with individuals and families from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  5. Must have excellent organizational skills and be able to complete projects efficiently and independently.
  6. Must have excellent communication skills including verbal, phone, word processing, email and internet.
  7. Must have good public relations skills and the ability to work with employees and the public.
  8. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with, and among, all personnel.
  9. Must be able to read, write and communicate clearly in English.
  10. Must be able to communicate information and ideas in writing so others will understand.
  11. Must be able to work occasionally long or extended hour, including weekends.
  12. Must be able to function in a hectic work environment with occasional periods of high stress.
  13. Must maintain strict confidentiality of all information.


  1. Undergraduate degree preferred.
  2. Professional experience with project management, project planning, data input and analysis, training and workforce development, program development and/or records management.
  3. Strong organizational skills.
  4. Entrepreneurial skills, innovative thinking, facilitation and consensus building skills required.
  5. Must be able to work well, both independently and as part of a team.
  6. Ability to analyze and present data and program information, orally and in writing and in non-technical language.
  7. Must be proficient in operating a computer and experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), and other social media application.
  8. Must have accurate keyboard skills and proven ability to enter data at the required speed.
  9. Must provide own transportation.
  10. Must be able to clear DMV check.
  11. Must possess valid operator’s license and maintain current vehicle registration, liability insurance and vehicle inspection.
  12. Must be ambulatory.
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