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Disabilities Services:

It is the policy of Goodwill Technical College to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons without regard to disability in the recruitment of, admission to, accessibility to, participation in, treatment in or employment in the programs and activities operated and sponsored by Goodwill Technical College, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and other related federal and state laws. Goodwill Technical College prohibits discrimination against qualified persons with disabilities in employment, academic and other programs. Additionally, Goodwill Technical College is committed to promoting an atmosphere to end discrimination against individuals with disabilities, to bring persons with disabilities into the social and economic mainstream and to provide enforceable standards to address discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

Goodwill Technical College will provide “reasonable accommodations” to disabled applicants, upon request, unless the accommodation would present a hardship. The determination of “hardship” is a decision that grows out of the ADA Accommodation process and is made by the Chief Academic Officer.

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