Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana a nonprofit organization?2022-12-29T14:04:55-06:00

Yes, Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana is a 501(c)(3) organization. Proceeds generated from the sale of generously donated items are used to fund our mission.

What is Goodwill’s mission?2022-12-29T14:22:00-06:00

Our mission is to offer opportunities to people with barriers of all kinds to improve their economic self-sufficiency through training, education, support services and employment.

Who does Goodwill help?2022-12-29T14:22:24-06:00

We serve any individual with barriers to employment. This can include individuals with disabilities, men or women who are currently or formerly involved in the justice system, young adults aging out of foster care, veterans experiencing homelessness and more. Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of our local community members.

How does Goodwill help people find careers?2022-12-29T14:23:27-06:00

Goodwill helps individuals with barriers to employment find work in various ways including access to certification programs, training in basic computer and internet skills, resume writing assistance, job search skills and more.

Are Goodwill’s services free?2022-12-29T14:23:39-06:00

Goodwill’s services are supported by the proceeds generated by our retail stores as well as local, state and federal grant funding, so individuals seeking the assistance of our Mission Services programs do not have to pay.

Does Goodwill pay its employees below minimum wage?2022-12-29T14:24:02-06:00

We do not. The minimum starting rate for Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana retail employees is $10.50 per hour, which is 45% higher than the state of Louisiana’s minimum wage. We also offer a full range of benefits to both part-time and full-time employees.

Why should I donate to Goodwill?2022-12-29T16:32:47-06:00

Goodwill’s retail stores fund a great cause – helping people build skills, find employment and develop a career. The proceeds generated through the sale of your generously donated items support various services, training and education for those facing barriers to employment. Click here to learn more about our Mission Services.

Is my donation to Goodwill tax deductible?2022-12-29T14:24:27-06:00

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Please be sure to take a receipt from the attendant who receives your donation.

What items can I donate to Goodwill?2022-12-29T16:29:05-06:00

Goodwill welcomes your donation of gently used clothing, shoes, books, electronics, furniture, housewares and more. Click here to view a more comprehensive list of items we accept.

What items can I NOT donate?2022-12-29T16:28:52-06:00

Items Goodwill cannot accept include vehicles, batteries, building materials, car seats, baby furniture, CRT tube televisions, tires and wet clothing. Click here to view a more comprehensive list of items we cannot accept.

Can I donate inoperable electronic equipment?2022-12-29T14:25:46-06:00

Yes, we accept electronic equipment that is no longer usable. Many Goodwills, including Goodwill SELA, have partnered with Dell Reconnect to collect and recycle unwanted technology (e-waste) in an effort to protect the environment. Items such as computer monitors, laptops, printers, mice, speakers, cables and more can be donated at your local Goodwill.

Where can I donate items?2022-12-29T16:15:17-06:00

Donations can be dropped off at any of our 22 retail locations, as well as our attended donation center. All locations are open Monday-Saturday from 9AM-8PM and Sunday from 10AM-6PM. Click here to find the nearest location.

What is an attended donation center (ADC)?2022-12-29T14:26:28-06:00

An attended donation center is a Goodwill location that accepts donations from community members but does not sell any merchandise.

What happens to donated items that aren’t sold in Goodwill stores?2024-04-09T11:58:26-05:00

Goodwill recycles many donated items that do not sell in our retail stores. Items recycled – including clothing, purses, shoes, metal, books, media, computers, electronics, appliances and household items ­– we keep over 9,000,000 pounds of material a year out of local landfills, while also generating revenue to support our mission.

Does Goodwill pick up donations?2022-12-29T16:10:47-06:00

Goodwill does provide home pick-up services with some restrictions. Our home pick-up program is only available to those residing in parishes where our retail stores and donation centers are located and should be utilized for large furniture items or bulk donations that cannot fit in a standard passenger vehicle. Click here to learn more or schedule a home pick-up.

What is Goodwill’s return policy?2022-12-29T14:28:30-06:00

All sales are final except for electronics. Customers have seven (7) days to return electronics with a receipt.

Why are pink tagged items never on sale?2022-12-29T14:29:01-06:00

Pink tagged items are new goods not donated by community members. Goodwill pays for these items and sells them at a very low cost to customers, therefore they are not eligible for discounting.

Are there any new Goodwill locations opening soon?2022-12-29T16:03:19-06:00

We are always looking for new locations to grow and expand both our retail and mission services operations. Following Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the best way to stay up-to-date on any exciting news.

Can individuals or groups partner with Goodwill to host a donation drive?2022-12-29T16:01:02-06:00

Goodwill frequently partners with individuals, groups and organizations to host donation drives. Please call 504-456-2622 to contact our Community Relations department.

How do I contact Goodwill with questions and/or concerns?2022-12-29T14:29:41-06:00

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to info@goodwillno.org.

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