Don’t let a past criminal record stand between you and a job. Last year, Goodwill helped more than 200 people with a criminal record overcome the challenges of reintegrating back into their communities.

Re-Entry Services Include:

  • Training, case management, mentoring and employment services for men and women in work release programs, recovery houses and residential release centers.
  • Goodwill’s Re-Integration Program (G.R.I.P.) offers skills training and enrollment to eligible participants who were released from the Louisiana Department Correction, Federal Prison System or City/Parish prison within the last 7 years.

Contact Paris Coleman at 504-456-2622, ext. 1147, or for more information.

*GRIP Pathway Home is funded 90% by the U.S. Department of Labor through a $3,478,989 grant and 10% by Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana through leveraged resources in the amount of $347,899.  The total project funding is $3,836,888.

Ex-Offended Re-Entry