Custodial Services

Facilities Management Services

Our facility management crews are pre-screened and fully-trained based upon the needs of your business. We can provide service professionals for military bases, schools, office buildings, hospitals & clinics, and retail stores, among other facilities. Contact us today at 504-456-2622, extension 1135, for more information.

  • Custodial Services
  • Comprehensive Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping
  • Floor Care (Stripping, Buffing & Polishing)
  • Mailroom Operations
  • Switchboard Operations

Job Placement Services (via LRS referral)


An employer hires an individual or group of individuals who have been pre-screened. Job coaching and follow-up services are provided by Goodwill.


A job coach or employment specialist provides on-site job training and support to assist an individual in learning the skills necessary to perform a specified job.


This is a trial period, typically lasting from one to two weeks, prior to employment. It allows prospective employees to test their job skills and helps determine if a particular job or career matches their interests. Frequently following a successful assessment, the individual is hired as a permanent employee.