Goodwill SELA has partnered with Dell’s Reconnect program to help our community members safely and easily recycle household electronics! Not only does this partnership keep e-waste out of landfills, it also creates jobs and helps fund our life-changing programs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collect your unused or unwanted tech (see acceptable items below). Items can be of any brand and in any shape.
  2. Bring them to your nearest Goodwill SELA store.*
  3. Let us do the rest!
    • If your items are in good shape, we will put them on the sales floor of one of our stores.
    • If your items are no longer usable, we securely package and ship them to Dell to be broken down and either refurbished or used to make new items from recycled goods.

More information about acceptable items can be found here.

*Before donating, please be sure to remove any sensitive or personal data. You can rest assured that Dell also performs intensive third-party audits of their recycling programs to ensure strict safety standards and protocols are followed.