As we kickoff Goodwill Week 2021, we’re so excited to introduce you to the new Goodwill Education Advancement & Readiness (GEAR) program!

With a mantra of “Be so great they can’t ignore me,” participants are empowered to be the best employee, coworker and person they can be through our custom program.

After enrolling, each GEAR participant first partakes in our signature 2-week job readiness training session. Then, participants move into our three-phase program designed to help them find, obtain and keep a job.

Phase 1: Creating My Path: In the first phase, participants will get to know themselves better and explore a vision for their future.

Phase 2: Job Readiness Skills: In the second phase, participants will get into the weeds of the working world. They’ll receive interview and resume tips, while also learning more about the communication and interpersonal skills needed to be a good employee and coworker.

Phase 3: World of Work: In the third and final phase, participants will dive into the job application process and learn the skills and behaviors necessary to not only find a job, but maintain one.

Following GEAR, participants may progress into a sector-based occupational skills training, resulting in industry-recognized credentials relevant to growth industries like construction, food service or healthcare. Goodwill’s Job Placement experts will assist every GEAR graduate with job opportunities, and GEAR graduates are given lifetime access to career development and job placement services.

Throughout the program, participants also receive intensive case management to help them overcome any obstacles to employment through referrals to necessary services such as childcare, healthcare and housing services.

For more information, contact Nicole Foster-Espadron at or (504) 889-5553.