Workforce Development Programs: Department of Justice Goodwill Re-Integration Program (DOJ-GRIP) 


Herbert Jones (58) was released from jail in May 2022 and, with the help of Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Louisiana’s Workforce Development programs, has made a remarkable transition into a more positive lifestyle.

While serving a five-month sentence, Jones enrolled in Goodwill’s DOJ-GRIP program and partnered with Career Navigator Trenzetta Howard. Soon after, he began the organization’s job readiness course called “Goodwill Educational & Advancement Readiness,” also referred to as GEAR. He completed and graduated from the program.

Upon Jones’ release, Howard was able to help him receive temporary housing, gift cards for his personal needs, transportation assistance, and food and clothing vouchers. Howard also assisted him in acquiring his identification card and in his search for permanent housing.

“Mr. Jones understands that he’s made some mistakes in life and is working hard to overcome them. I’m confident that with our help he’ll be able to overcome every obstacle,” said Trenzetta Howard, a Goodwill career navigator who handles Jones’ case.

Jones was unable to find immediate employment. However, after completing some digital literacy courses, he began participating in the Goodwill paid work experience program to obtain additional skills. He also received a free laptop and mobile hotspot by participating in the Goodwill + Indeed’s “Essentials to Work” program.

Jones starts his first day of work on August 29, 2022 and with continual guidance from Howard and the rest of the Workforce Development staff is expected to make great strides toward a successful future.